How Can Research Help?

Scientific advancements depend on research. Every person who has participated in the Let’s Get Healthy! exhibit has provided valuable data that helps us to better understand the relationship among diet, weight, sleep and chronic disease risk. The anonymous data aren’t just used by scientists, but by students and communities all looking to better understand and improve health!

Who uses the anonymous data?

  • Scientists – In depth analysis of health factors and health promotion effectiveness for publication and grants. Please see our publication list for the papers that have been published as a result of this work. We also use your feedback to improve our materials and handouts
  • Graduate Students – Projects range from their master’s theses to semester projects on a health topic.
  • Undergraduate Students – We have summer intern students join us in the summer to analyze data and create new stations. Please see our intern page for a description of past projects.
  • High School Students – We are partnering with local high schools who use the anonymous, authentic data to teach advanced placement statistics! These students also present their work at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair.
  • Communities – We provide summary data from our events that can be used by communities to write grants that support local health programs. Please see our grants section for more information on how to do this for your community!
  • School Administrators – We’ve worked with school districts interested in testing their new school lunch program. We visit students in the district before and after the policy change to assess the program’s effectiveness.

Interested in what’s in the database?

Visit our research section for more information on what’s in the database and what it can tell you!

So from all of us, thank you for being a research participant!

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