Data Dictionary

We keep track of everything that’s in our database using data dictionaries. These documents tells us what each variable means and how it’s stored in the database. We’ve provided two data dictionaries for you here — one for understanding the data shown on this site and one that contains all of our variables in the database.

Scoring Recommendations Data Dictionary

Interested in knowing what qualifies as “Meets Recommendations” on our summary graphics? Look no further! This downloadable data dictionary shows the exact cutpoints that we used. We pulled these cutpoints from the literature for each survey, which you can find here.

Data Dictionary

We collect a lot more data than what’s represented on this site. For example, our current diet survey has 26 different questions that are stored in the database which are scored to display diet categories, like “fruit & vegetable intake” or “added sugars”. Interested in seeing what questions make up these screeners and stations? Download our data dictionary!

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