What is it?

The memory station is a computerized game that asks participants to remember the sequence and location of blocks on a computer screen.  The number of blocks that a person can remember is an indicator of short-term memory.  The type of short-term memory is called visuospatial, meaning the ability to see and remember objects in space over time.  If you’ve ever lost your car keys and had to retrace your steps around the house, it is a lot like that.  Currently, the memory data are not presented on our website, though they are available for analysis.

How is it measured?

Uses a computerized version of the Corsi block test adapted from the Psychology Experiment Building Language (PEBL).  This station is available for the following audience and takes approximately:

  • Adults (English, Spanish) – 5 minutes
  • Kids (English, Spanish) – 5 minutes

How we determined the categories?

The number of blocks (span) is recorded by the program and displayed to the participant with feedback about their score.

Where to get more information…

There are many online sources if you’d like to take the Corsi block test.  Simply type “Corsi block test” into your favorite search engine or here is one example.

Research Bibliography

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