Our Studies

Let’s Get Healthy! is used to conduct lots of different studies! Some studies look at relationships between health measures at one timepoint whereas other studies measure across months or years. See here for a description of our study types!

Some of our current studies are investigating:

  • the relationship between sleep, diet and body composition among adolescents (Shannon et al.)
  • the relationship between school start time, sleep and body composition among adolescents (Chin et al.)
  • the prevalence of single nucleotide DNA polymorphisms in an obese and non-obese population (Purnell et al.)
  • the impact of community volunteers as an engagement tool for education and research (Lipus et al.)
  • student engagement through school-based participation in research (Marriott et. al)
  • use of an action-platform video game to teach adolescents about sun safety (Molinaro et al.)
  • Effect of shift work on sleep habits and body composition (Shannon et al.)
  • Cardiovascular disease prevalence among women in Clatsop county (Boone-Heinonen et al)
  • Epigenetics education through an interactive gaming platform (Marriott et al.)

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