Livia apple_smoothed_transparentWelcome teachers!  Let’s Get Healthy! is an education and research program that collects real data from real students.

We are based at Oregon Health & Science University and travel all around the state to help the public learn about their health.  Everything that we do is tailored for the individual, which is why we love working with students so much.  Our content and feedback are tailored for each student based on their age, gender, and results.  Plus, the summary data from each of our fairs can be explored online, making it incredibly relevant for students.  

These are their  data, from students their  age, from their  school, city or state.


teacher2012Groups of Oregon teachers have developed lessons on Let’s Get Healthy! topics.  These lessons cover most subject areas and many grade levels, though we’ve focused primarily on middle school.

Some of these lessons encourage students to explore actual data. You can direct your students to data from your own school or a similar school.  Many lessons are not dependent on fair data and instead cover different aspects of healthy choices, chronic diseases, advocacy, epigenetics, research ethics, development, and more.  All of these lessons can be found through our lesson search engine.


The Station Descriptions pages provide information on the following…

  • What data was obtained at this station
  • How it was measured
  • How we determined the categories we used to display the data in the “Explore the Data” pages of this site
  • Where to get more information on the station’s topic. (General and student reading level)
  • Research Bibliography (professional reading level)


This site and all of its school-based content is made possible by a Science Education Partnership Award from the National Institutes of Health.

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