Let’s Get Healthy! holds curriculum develop workshops every summer. Teachers come from around the state to learn new scientific content to translate into classroom lessons. Topics range each year based on our funding directions.

  • 2010 – Developed initial teacher guide, lessons and activities on how to prepare students, teachers and school administration for their event
  • 2011 – Lesson development on body composition and healthy practices for adolescents
  • 2012 – Lesson development on using Let’s Get Healthy! data for action
  • 2013 – Two curriculum development sessions in June and July: 1) Epigenetics (June) and how dietary choices can affect our DNA and 2) Data (July) – how to generate reports and use the data from the Let’s Get Healthy! website in the classroom.
  • 2014 – TBD

Applications for curriculum development summer sessions are typically due in February. Selected teachers receive a stipend, room, and board for their participation in the 9 day session. Stay tuned for more information! Or, to be put on our notification list, please email

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