Station Descriptions

Entry BannerWe have many stations that can be selected for a fair or research project. Some stations use direct measurements (body composition, blood pressure, blood chemistry) whereas others use computerized assessments about self-reported behaviors (diet, sleep, cancer). We try to use validated assessments as much as possible so that the data can be easily compared to results from other studies. A lot of time and work goes into creating a validated survey that is used for research. Years of testing are done to determine if a questionnaire is valid (accurate) and reliable (gives consistent results).

About the Station Descriptions

We gave each station its own page so all of it’s information can be found on one page.  This includes:

  • What is the station?
  • How is it measured and what data are collected?
  • How we determined the categories (that is, what are the recommendations for each image displayed on the “Explore the Data” pages)
  • Where to get more information about the topic (at a general and student reading level)
  • Research Bibliography (professional reading level based on our sources)

Available Fair Stations

The following the stations are currently available and approved for use:

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