Estimated Lesson Duration:

1 or 2 class periods


Did you know that what you’re eating not only affects your kids, but your grandkids? Students play a modified game of go-fish to learn how our history affects our future.  Students will learn about trans-generational nutrition through the metaphor of playing Go Fish. Students will understand the impact of trans-generational nutrition on their long-term health as well as the future health of their children and grandchildren. Students will conduct interviews of their mothers in order to begin investigating the effects of nutrition within their own family. Finally, by writing a letter to their future children, students will reflect on what they have learned and commit to better lifestyle choices today (diet and activity tips from the Let’s Get Healthy fair) that will positively impact the health for generations to come. A list of resources can be provided to students who wish to learn more on this topic and related scientific discoveries on the developmental origins of health and disease.

Key Concepts and Standards:

 Key Concepts: What is trans-generational nutrition?  How does a mother’s nutrition and body composition impact a child’s long-term health?  How will my lifestyle choices today impact my health in the future and help determine the long-term health risks for my children?


Oregon Education Standards:

English Language Arts

  • EL.08.WR.03 Identify audience and purpose
  • EL.08.WR.20 Demonstrate appropriate English usage

Social Studies

  •  SS.08.GE.06 Identify economic, cultural, and environmental factors that affect population, and predict how the population would change as a result
  •  SS.08.HS.01 Represent and interpret data and chronological relationships from history, using timelines and narratives
  •  SS.08.HS.03 Identify and give examples of chronological patterns and recognize them in related events over time

The standards listed were identified using key concepts from each individual lesson. These key concepts were aligned with the specific Oregon State Standards, Common Core Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards that apply specifically to each individual lesson.

Teachers may consult the Oregon Department of Education’s website for additional terms related to each lesson.


Preparations/ Materials

• 5-7 standard decks of cards (depending on class size)

• Writing materials for each student

Teacher should read the resources (listed in lesson) on the developmental origins of health and disease in order to enhance understanding of trans-generational nutrition and related topics. Students may have questions and want more in-depth information, so it’s a good idea to direct them to these resources as well.


Downloadable Lesson and Supporting Materials

Lesson Plans

  • Lesson plan and supporting materials (.doc)


  • See also our epigenetics page for more information about the science behind trans-generational nutrition.