Estimated Lesson Duration:

45 min



Students can use these quick and easy scoring guides to estimate their diet and physical activity (one page each) before or after the Let’s Get Healthy! fair. Serves as an extension activity to get students thinking about their health and answering survey questions.


Key Concepts and Standards:

Key Concepts: Not all foods and activities are created equal!


National Health Education Standards (NHES) Grades 6-8
• 8.1 Analyze the relationship between healthy behaviors and personal health.
• 1.8.6 Explain how appropriate health care can promote personal health.
• 1.8.7 Describe the benefits of and barriers to practicing healthy behaviors.
• 1.8.8 Examine the likelihood of injury or illness if engaging in unhealthy behaviors.
• 1.8.9 Examine the potential seriousness of injury or illness if engaging in unhealthy behaviors.
7 – Demonstrate the ability to practice health-enhancing behaviors and avoid or reduce health risks.
• 7.8.1 Explain the importance of assuming responsibility for personal health behaviors.
• 7.8.2 Demonstrate healthy practices and behaviors that will maintain or improve the health of self and others.
• 7.8.3 Demonstrate behaviors to avoid or reduce health risks to self and others.



Preparations/ Materials

• Print one per student.


Downloadable Lesson and Supporting Materials

Lesson Plan — there is no lesson plan for this activity.  The worksheets below stand alone.


    • Traffic light scoring guide (.docx)