Students explore how various health factors affect their ability to learn. Then, discuss changes to school policy and how those proposed changes would affect various stakeholders in an educational community as part of simulated public meetings.


Student Advocacy for Healthy Schools

Estimated Lesson Duration: 5 classes



Students will learn how health factors, such as sleep and diet, affect their ability to learn. Students will compare general information with specific data from their age set and assess the degree to which their school supports student health. Using this information, students will consider changes to school policy and determine how those changes would affect various stakeholders in an educational community. The unit concludes with a simulated public meeting to debate each issue.


Key Concepts and Standards

Health effects on learning, data analysis, correlation, causality, significance, meaning, public policy, citizen involvement, debate, advocacy, sleep, sweetened drinks, physical activity


Preparations/ Materials

• Read Topic Introductions

• Make internet pathfinder for linked background articles and others that you find to be useful.

• Provide information on school, district, or state policy regarding each issue: Who decides start times? What is the policy on vending machines or cafeteria service? What entity determines the required hours of physical activity?

• Copies of LGH data, worksheet, and stakeholder suggestions & questions.

• Computers with internet access.


Estimated Lesson Duration:

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Key Concepts and Standards:

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Preparations/ Materials

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