Estimated Lesson Duration:

Five 45 minute lessons



Students will analyze their own physical activity level, present their data, and compare it to the suggested activity level for adolescents.  This lesson is  a unit consisting of five smaller lessons.  It can be used for physical education or health classes or as part of math, statistics or science classes related to how to collect data and administer surveys.

Lesson 1: Gathering information – taking an activity survey

Lesson 2: What the Experts Say – Wed-based article review in a “Jigsaw” fashion

Lesson 3: Making data make sense – creating an organized display (graph, table, etc) from survey in lesson 1.

Lesson 4: Taking Bigger Steps with Data – mean of small group – prediction

Lesson 5: Making a pact – students will create a product that will show their commitment to better or continued health via physical activity.

Key Concepts and Standards:

 Key Concepts: Physical activity, analyze, compile, examine, aerobic, endurance, flexibility, strength training


  • National Science Standards Grades 5 – 8
    • NS.5-8.6 PERSONAL AND SOCIAL PERSPECTIVES  — PERSONAL HEALTH – Regular exercise is important to the maintenance and improvement of health. The benefits of physical fitness include maintaining healthy weight, having energy and strength for routine activities, good muscle tone, bone strength, strong heart/lung systems, and improved mental health. Personal exercise, especially developing cardiovascular endurance, is the foundation of physical fitness.
  • National Health Standards Grades 5 – 8
    • Standard 1: Students will comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention to enhance health. Grades 6-8 Performance Indicators for Standard 1:

Teachers may consult the Oregon Department of Education’s website for additional terms related to each lesson.


Preparations/ Materials

• Paper/pencil, online survey tool, or perhaps clickers

Lesson #1: Gathering the Information

1. Review surveys and decide which survey is the best fit for you and your class.
2. Decide on the method of delivery: paper/pencil, online survey tool, or perhaps clickers. (the latter two methods will provide immediate graphs, which you may not want to utilize for this particular lesson).
3. Provide students time and guidelines to gather data. This will be different depending on which survey you decide to use and your method of delivery.


Downloadable Lesson and Supporting Materials

Lesson Plans

  • All five lessons in the unit, worksheets, and physical activity surveys are included (.doc)