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Cancer Risk

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The skin cancer risk data here represent hundreds of people who have participated in our research events at school and community health fairs as volunteer research subjects.  We have three cancer risk stations that provide information about skin cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer. The skin cancer station contains a video game, a skin microscope and a computerized survey. Currently, only the skin cancer survey data are presented below, which provide information about skin type and sun safety behaviors, such as wearing sunscreen or protective clothing.  Click here for more about the cancer station, how we determined the results, and additional resources.


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The Fitzpatrick Skin Type is a skin classification system familiar to dermatologists that measures two components: genetic disposition and reaction to sun exposure.  Skin types range from very fair (Type I/Type 1) to very dark (Type VI/Type 6).  Use the tool section to explore the data and find out more about our skin cancer risk station.   Play our games online or  find out your Fitzpatrick Skin Type!

How safe are you when you’re in the sun?  This graph shows responses to six questions adapted from the 2010 National Health Information Survey that ask about staying in the shade, wearing sunscreen, number of sunburns, using tanning devices and ever having your skin checked by a dermatologist.  A person doing 90-100% of the protective behaviors (like using sunscreen, staying in the shade, not having sunburns) is considered “Excellent” , whereas a person doing less than 50% of these behaviors is considered in the “Watch Out!” category.  Practicing good sun safety behaviors is especially important for individuals with fair skin.  Use the tools section to see more information about the questions we asked and how we determined a person’s score.  You can also use the SeeIt tool to explore if Fitzpatrick Skin Type is related to a person’s sun safety behaviors.

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